Tuticorin’s Grand Lake – Authoor Lake

Located in the south of Tuticorin (Thoothukudi) is a tiny little town called Authoor, situated by the banks of the Thamirabharani River. A town is well-known for its agrarian lands of rice paddies and bananas. The town is also famous for its large lake, called the Authoor Lake.

The lake over the years began to lose its life as there was no maintenance system in place to help sustain the lake and its well-being. As a result, the lake soon saw a rampant growth of invasive weeds and dumping of solid waste in it causing its downfall.

In an ambitious effort between the Tuticorin District Administration, IndusInd, part of the Hinduja Group under the Jal Jeevan initiative and E.F.I took on the task of restoring the Authoor Lake back to its former glory in 2021. Take a look at all that happened during this restoration!

E.F.I thanks the local residents and volunteers for strengthening these efforts.

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