All About EFI


EFI is Environmentalist Foundation of India, a voluntary organization focusing on result oriented-real time environment conservation projects. The group is active in Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Delhi, Trivandrum with smaller projects in Shillong and Srinagar. EFI is open to all those who wish to volunteer for India & her Environment.

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4 thoughts on “All About EFI

    1. We so far have not included that lake in our plan sir, however, if u r interested in volunteering for that specific lake kindly let us know, we can sit across the table and plan and get work started. EFI will not seek any financial assistance this will purely be voluntary.


  1. Sir,

    We would like to volunteer the cleaning of Lakes near Madambakkam, Chennai-126(or any other lakes subject to availability). In this regard we would be interested to talk with you.

    Thanking you,



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