Natesan Uzhavakam – A Bio-Park in an Urban Space

With the world constantly moving forward towards growth and development, there’s unfortunately a significant amount of negative impact that it leaves. This impact is usually realized through destruction or sheer negligence. While change and the need to constantly grow is definitely necessary, we must be mindful of the existing world that is yet to be protected or conserved.

Natural landscapes such as forests, lakes, rivers and ponds play a vital role in our existence, not to mention the countless lives they support and provide for. A life without them is simply unimaginable. It therefore becomes our responsibility as citizens and people of this blue-green planet to conserve, protect and support every other lifeform on this planet.

The idea of the Natesan Uzhavakam is aimed at working towards such a goal. Take a look at all that this Bio Park has to offer!

About the Site

The identified plot comes under Varadharajapuram village of Kundrathur taluk of Chennai metropolitan city. It is located adjacent to the Sriperumbudur highway and lies between Mudichur and Manivakkam.

Geographically, urban expansion can be observed in the last decade, where the agricultural land gradually turned into residential and commercial space.

The area also comes under influence of the Adyar river basin and in the catchment zone of Manimangalam and Mudichur lake. For the same reasons, the land is fertile and still agriculture practices are continuing on its western boundaries. Hence, the selected plot has good potential for such an afforestation project owning to support it will receive for plant growth, fertile soil and availability of water in the region.


•To create an interactive and intuitive ecological park

•To establish a garden that consists of native trees, vegetables, fruits, flowers, herb variety in it.

•To increase green cover in an urban developing region.

•To spread awareness amongst school students about the importance of protecting the environment.

•To locally produce fruits and vegetables that shall be utilized by the school

•To act as carbon sequesters that would help in improving micro-climatic conditions of the area.

•To provide a natural habitat for local birds

•To develop a green and landscape empty land parcels.

Project Design


Kalyani, the Lane Composter

To address the issue of a large amount of biomass already available at the site and biomass that will be produced from this afforestation program, an EFI flagship program- WasteNOT will be run along with the project. The biomass that includes dry leaves, discarded branches, wood and other houmous-rich garden waste, mixed with kitchen waste from adjacent households or schools will go through degradation in the EFI-designed composters. The composted material will be used as green manure in the plantation site itself, mitigating the generated waste in the most useful manner.


A.Improve the micro-climatic conditions of the region

B.Native trees planted will act as filters for urban pollutants and fine particulates that affect the region

C.Regulate flow of water and improves water quality

D.Act as carbon sequesters and help in mitigating climate change

E.Provide a natural habitat, food and protection for the local flora and fauna to thrive in an urban set up

F.Urban afforestation projects are said to have a positive impact on the society, by improving the aesthetic environment of the region

G.Planting native trees require minimal maintenance once they attain full growth.

H.Lane composter to provide manure that would help sustain saplings and ensure optimum growth.

Work on Site

Before: The land parcel covered with debris and invasive weeds

Work in Progress: Machinery used to remove debris and invasive weeds from site

Work in Progress: Preparation of land for the plantation

Saplings being planted at the site

Construction debris from this site being repurposed to provide an aesthetic environment to the park

Saplings planted sector wise, based on variety

Saplings growing steadily with regular maintenance

Fresh produce of spinach and blooming flowers at the garden

Aerial view of the site

We thank the Natesan Vidyasala school for its extensive support offered for the project. We thank TAKE Solutions for funding this initiative.

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I

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