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In the past 15 years since its inception, E.F.I has worked on restoring 179 water bodies across 17 states in the nation. What started with a handful of people cleaning a dirty lake in Hyderabad has today engaged over 85,000 volunteers across the country!

E.F.I focuses on real-time result-oriented conservation efforts and has been successful in doing so thanks to the support offered by the Government, our partners, volunteers, and well-wishers. We take this opportunity to thank all of you for strengthening our efforts in conserving India’s water bodies.

Check out how these projects turned out to be!

Sathangadu Lake

Polachery Lake

Kanadia Lake

Morai Lake

A large lake that provides water for the farmers and a habitat for the local flora and fauna, the lake was considered a water hero! Over the years, owing to no maintenance and sheer negligence, the lake began to deteriorate drastically. Invasive weeds such as Prosopis juliflora, Ipomoea carnea, and thorny shrubs were found at large in the lake, and excess siltation across the lake bed were few of the major problems that affected the lake.

Kolapanchery Lake

The Kolapancheri Lake is a freshwater lake nestled between the two arterial roads and situated behind the backwaters. The lake is known to attract several birds in it as they nest and forage with all that the lake has to offer. Over the years, the lake was used by the local residents for domestic purposes, as they washed their clothes in the water and even dumped their garbage into it. This had caused a tip in the balance of the lake, making it contaminated and unfit to host natural life in it.

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