Restoring Sholinganallur’s Lost Pond – Sathyavani Muthu Pond

The Sathyavani Muthu pond is located west of the Buckingham canal. This urban community pond was once brimming with life as it served as nesting site for birds, reptiles of the area. However, owing to urbanization the land pattern changed leading to collapse of the wetland ecosystem and creating smaller puddle systems. One such an urban puddle pond is the Sathyavani Muthu St Pond.

Invasive weeds and solid waste had soon began to take over the pond, making it unfit to host any form of life in it. The contaminated water began to impact and affect the groundwater table, creating health and safety issues for the residents of the local community.

E.F.I in collaboration with the Greater Chennai Corportation and the IndusInd Bank, part of the Hinduja Group under the Jal Jeevan initiative took on the task of reviving this lost urban pond. Take a look at all that happened during its restoration!

E.F.I thanks the local residents and volunteers who strengthened our efforts!

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