Vannan Eri – Reviving Kelambakkam’s Water Hope

The Vannan Eri is an urban lake located in the Kelambakkam area. Kelambakkam is a suburban and residential neighbourhood of Chennai, India. It is situated in the south-eastern portion of the city along the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR). It is considered the Southern Gateway to Chennai city on the OMR. Naturally, the area has witnessed massive growth in terms of population and development. Being located in close proximity to the Bay of Bengal (4.5 km away), the region is blessed with several water bodies that provide water to the local residents.

With little to no maintenance in place, lakes such as the Vannan Eri began to soon deteriorate as invasive weeds and solid waste began to take over the lake, choking its life. In an effort to protect the lake, and revive it, a collaborative conservation between the Government of Tamil Nadu, Tata Realty Infrastructure Limited and E.F.I was established.

Work in Progress

Under the restoration scope of this 10 acre-large lake, the following has been executed:

  • Removal of invasive weeds and solid waste
  • Peripheral desilting
  • Construction of dual embankment : improves flood resilience and increases lake storage capacity
  • Construction of nesting islands – 2 islands have been constructed to provide a nesting site for local flora and fauna.
  • Recharge pits : Six recharge pits will be established to improve groundwater recharge of the lake.

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