Our First River Restoration Project!

Consistently awarded the cleanest city in the nation, Indore is a fast-developing city in west-central India. Bejeweled with several water bodies, such as rivers, canals, streams, lakes and ponds, the land is ecologically balanced thanks to the presence of this intricate water management system.

The Saraswati River is one among these water bodies. Once a river that carries freshwater is today heavily contaminated owing to years of sewage inflow and solid waste dumping into the river. The River was in a dire need of a restoration.

Having worked in the past at the Kanadia Lake in Indore, E.F.I had approached the Indore Municipal Corporation to seek approval and grant permission towards the restoration. With funding support from DXC Technology, E.F.I took on the restoration of the Saraswati River.

Check out all that happened during the restoration!

As a part of the restoration, the invasive weeds and dried shrubs are being removed from the banks of the river. Invasive weeds were found in large numbers due to the contaminated water that has excess nutrient content in it. Solid waste that comprises of domestic waste is now cleared from the river.

The bunds of the river is now being corrected and strengthened at certain parts to ensure proper flow of water in the river.

Rejuvenating this river patch will help improve the overall biodiversity of the region. Clean water would mean reduce in the spread of water-borne diseases, a habitat for local and migratory fauna to thrive at, and enhancing the general aesthetics of the surrounding environment.

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