Ahilya Van: Creating Green Spaces in the Clean City

Fast-growing cities that are constantly urbanizing and modernizing themselves to create a model for other cities to follow. In today’s ever-changing world, it is just not enough if establish large infrastructures, or wide roads for transport. There is now a benchmark on cities to see how sustainable they are, what steps have been taken to make them cleaner and greener.

The city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh is one such a city that is in pursuit of this goal. Thanks to the city’s focused administrative team, Indore has won the “Cleanest City” not once, not twice, but five times in a row! The city has taken several initiatives to promote a clean environment and establish green spaces in urban pockets of the city.

The Ahilya Van afforestation project in Zone 7 aims to achieve this goal. With administrative support from the Indore Municipal Corporation, E.F.I had taken on this project to set up an urban forest in the city. Take a look at all that happened during this project!

The plot when taken up for the project was covered with invasive weeds that was found in large numbers, thereby not allowing native species to grow or thrive. All the invasive weeds and solid waste found at the plot were cleared as a part of this project.

Native species that would benefit the general ecology of the area were carefully chosen to be planted in this plot. With proper maintenance, the area would soon become a thick forest in the urban setup.

We thank the IMC and local residents for supporting us! Do stay tuned for more updates. To know more about our projects in Indore, read here.

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