Rejuvenation of an Urban Lake in the Textile Capital – Mooli Kulam

Tiruppur, a well-renowned city in Tamil Nadu, is famous for its textile industry and is often deemed as the “Knitwear Capital” of India. Being located in the Noyyal River basin, the city is naturally home to several water bodies such as streams, ponds and lakes. Owing to rapid urbanisation, the town soon forgot its natural wonders, causing them to deteriorate as invasive weeds took over them.

The Mooli Kulam is one such a water body in Tiruppur. With constant flow of sewage into the water body, the lake was a perfect habitat for water hyacinth to thrive. Being located in the urban pocket of the city, the lake was polluted as solid waste from the nearby residential complexes were dumped into the lake.

Thanks to the Government of Tamil Nadu, the Tiruppur Collectorate for the administrative support, and HDB Financial Services for the funding support, E.F.I had taken on the restoration of the Mooli Kulam.

Once a lake completely covered by water hyacinth and solid waste is now able to breathe freely. We thank the local residents and volunteers who supported us.

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