Restoring a lake in the historic Vijayawada: Pathapadu lake

Vijayawada is known for its historic significance and the rulers that had set foot in the city (vijaya + wada = land of victory). The city is also home to archaeological sites – rock-cut temples and caves dating back to the 9th century. The Krishna river flows through the city, creating wetlands, hosting birds and supporting various gardens.

In the north of the Vijayawada district, there is a quaint agricultural village, Pathapadu. Pathapadu is bordered by green hills to its west, that form a part of the Eastern Ghats.

Within Pathapadu lies Pathapadu Lake, with an area of 29.4 acres, surrounded by farmlands. The inlets carry water from the canal into the lake. This lake forms a lake system with the nearby smaller tanks to its South. Outlets carry excess water from the Pathapadu lake into these smaller water-holding structures or tanks.

Pathapadu, Vijayawada faces a tropical climate throughout the year. Summers are dry and scorching. Restoring Pathapadu lake would ensure rainwater harvesting and provide the villagers with a source of freshwater during dry periods as the lake would also recharge groundwater.

E.F.I has undertaken the restoration of Pathapadu lake with the funding support from Kotak Mahidra Bank and administrative support from the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

The periphery of the lake was covered with non-biodegradable solid waste. Moreover, invasive weeds such as Prosopis juliflora, Lantana camara, Ipomoea carnea and Parthenium had grown extensively along the sides of the lake. The embankments of the lake were discontinuous and weak. This would pose safety concerns to people living near the lake.

Thus, the restoration steps involved:

  1. De-weeding
  2. Garbage removal
  3. De-weeding
  4. De-watering
  5. De-silting the lake bed
  6. Embankment strengthening
  7. Creating recharge pits in the lake bed to improve groundwater percolation

Restoration is underway for Pathapadu Lake. Soon, it will be an important freshwater body in Pathapadu, that recharges the groundwater and the tanks that are connected to it.

Take a look at the restoration work that has been completed so far.

Pre-restoration photos

Restoration work in the lake

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