Adding another blue dot to the city of Madurai: Koodalpudhur Lake restoration

Madurai is a fast-growing city in South India. This is a culturally-rich city with several centuries-old temples and the Vaigai River flowing across Madurai. In and around the city are several small ponds and lakes; Madurai is surrounded by agricultural fields. The water bodies of Madurai form an interconnected system of water harvesting, with the objective of efficient water management.

The Koodalpudhur Lake is located in Koodal Nagar, Madurai. The lake covers an area of 9.68 acres, fed by the surplus water of the Karisal Kulam pond through an inlet channel at the northeast of the lake. It has an outlet channel flowing out through the eastern side of the lake. The outlet joins the Silaiyaneri Kanmai channel. The West and Southern peripheries of the lake have been polluted by years of dumping of domestic non-biodegradable waste.

Take a look at how the lake and its surroundings have been changing over the years, from 2011 – 2022.

There have been dry periods and healthy monsoon seasons which have caused the water levels to fluctuate. Water quality has also not been constant, with garbage dumping and the growth of weeds in the periphery causing algal growth on the surface of the lake. The lake’s uneven bunds did not provide it with a strong water-holding structure, which lowered the water-retention capacity of the lake.

E.F.I, with administrative support from Madurai District Administration and funding support from Kotak Mahindra Bank, took up the Koodalpudhur Lake for restoration.

Through the images below, take a look at how E.F.I has scientifically restored the lake.


The restoration process

The restoration involved de-weeding of Prosopis juliflora from the periphery of the lake, strengthening and sloping the bunds around the lake and the removal of garbage from the shores of the lake.

After restoration

We thank Kotak Mahindra Bank and Madurai District Administration for all their support in restoring this beautiful lake.

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