Nature Conservation and Awareness Through Painting: PMC Birdwatching Centre

A birdwatching tower that faces a lake, sounds interesting, doesn’t it? E.F.I in collaboration with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) revamps a birdwatching tower.

Pune Municipal Corporation had set up a birdwatching center facing Lakaki Lake, Pune. The birdwatching centre and tower were not operational due to safety concerns and a lack of public awareness for birdwatching. E.F.I worked on making the birdwatching tower functional, creating an educational experience for the school students and college students who visit the lake.

The birdwatching tower was cleared of debris. The walls of the birdwatching centre were painted with pictures of birds that are native to Maharashtra, those that can potentially be found visiting the lake. The names of the birds were written in both Marathi and English.

Once the birdwatching tower was ready, the paths around the birdwatching centre were beautified. 80 marigold saplings were planted.

Here are some photos from the Birdwatching Tower. Do visit Lakaki lake and the birdwatching tower when you visit Pune!

Before wall-painting:

In-progress photos of the wall-painting:

After photos:

List of bird species to keep a lookout for, at the watchtower!

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