#CareForKere, E.F.I’s Mega-Restoration of 10 Lakes In and Around Tumakuru

July 28th, 2023 marks a milestone day for E.F.I as we embark on a mega-restoration project in Tumakuru district, Karnataka. We celebrate #CareForKere as we initiate the restoration of 10 lakes at Tumakuru.

These lakes need focused restoration efforts as they are infested by the growth of weeds such as water hyacinth. The inlets draining into the lake are contaminated with sewage.

The area of the lakes, in total, cover about 360 acres, located within a 50km radius. In 11 months, we aim to restore 10 lakes and set-up various eco-parks in the region.

Today, we had the inaugural ceremonies for restoration efforts at the Baddihalli Lake in Tumakuru city and the Gokul Tank at Koratagere town. We thank the Hon. Home Minister Shri. Parameshwara and Respected DC Shri. Srinivas IAS, the District officials for extending administrative support to this ambitious collaboration aimed at reviving 10 lakes in Tumakuru district.

Take a look at these pictures of Baddihalli Lake (spread across 43 acres) and Gokul Tank (spread across 15 acres) and the inaugural ceremony.

Baddihalli Lake, Tumakuru

Gokula Tank, Koratagere

We look forward to creating thriving freshwater ecosystems by restoring the blue gems of Tumakuru! Keep visiting this space for updates.

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