Bengaluru: E.F.I and BSF – Partners for a greener tomorrow

In the hilly environs of the BSF Quarters in Karahalli, E.F.I, in collaboration with BSF, organized an afforestation drive.

E.F.I had restored two lakes within the BSF Karahalli campus. The afforestation sites were situated at the shores of one of the lakes. The primary purpose of the afforestation was to prevent the erosion of soil due to rains and wind, and mitigate the growth of invasive trees.

A total of 1480 saplings were planted, with 350 BSF volunteers who participated in the 2-hour afforestation drive.

Saplings were placed in such a way that no two saplings from the same tree species were placed next to each other.

Bamboo saplings were planted along the periphery of the lake as the bamboos grow rapidly and their roots hold the soil together. This would help during heavy rains and winds, to prevent the erosion of embankments constructed along the side of the lake.

Native fruit-bearing trees such as Lemon, Papaya, Jackfruit and Jamun were planted. The images and the subsequent table show how many saplings were planted of each tree species.

S No.Local NameScientific NameNo. of saplings planted
1Kari PatthaMurraya koenigii100
2Jack fruit treeArtocarpus heterophyllus300
3Nimbu/Lemon treeCitrus limon50
5Custard FruitAnnona reticulata112
6Imli/TamarindTamarindus indica250
7GasagaseMuntingia calabura100
8Bettada Nelli/ Amla/ Indian gooseberryPhyllanthus emblica150
9Papita/ PapayaCarica papaya20
10Jungle JilebiPithecellobium dulce128
11Paneer fruitSyzygium jambos50
12JamunSyzygium cumini20

This beautiful event brought together the protectors of our country with the saplings that they would witness growing into trees.

Here are some pictures to give you an insight into E.F.I’s ForesTree at Karahalli.

BSF strives for Duty until Death, E.F.I volunteers for India & her environment. Together, we are partnering for a greener tomorrow.

Volunteer for India & her environment with E.F.I!

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