The Kalapatti Water Tales – Kalapatti Division Office Lake

Located in the Northeastern reaches of Coimbatore, Kalapatti plays a crucial role in providing an ecological balance to the city. Kalapatti is a peri-urban town that is well-adorned with large water bodies and picturesque landscapes in it. In its pursuit of becoming modernised and catching up with the fast-changing world, the region saw several infrastructures and industries being set up in close proximity to natural resources.

The Kalapatti Division Office Lake is situated opposite the Division Office, along a busy road. With several inhabitants residing around the 8-acre large water body, excessive solid waste was found all across the boundaries of the lake. This had in turn given way for invasive weeds to grow rampant across the water body. choking away its life.

With administrative support from the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation, funding support from HDB Financial Services Ltd, E.F.I had taken on the task of reviving the Kalapatti Division Office Lake. Take a look at all that had happened during this restoration!

Post-restoration, we had asked the community their opinion about the restoration. Check out what they had to say!

We thank all the local residents and volunteers who strengthened our efforts in reviving the Kalapatti Lake.

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