Saving Quintessential Water Bodies in South West Chennai – Agaramthen Lake

Southwest Chennai when viewed on satellite imagery will open your eyes to a whole new world. With countless large and small water bodies in its vicinity, the area plays a major role in providing water for the entire city. But the state of these water bodies is a completely different story.

Southwest Chennai Water Bodies

As the city expanded, several industries and factories were set up across the city, that in turn had a devastating impact on its water bodies. Residential complexes, and buildings began to emerge on barren lands that once you to be water bodies, establishments being constructed on a water bodies and several other anthropogenic actions have tipped off the ecological balance as water bodies and natural habitats soon began to disappear from the city.

Satellite imagery of Southwest Chennai in 2020

The Agaramthen Lake, located south of the Madambakkam Lake, is one such a water body that was on the verge of falling prey to the brunt of modernization. This 145-acre large lake had been left unchecked, paving the way for invasive weeds and excess siltation to be found across its bunds and surface area. Being situated in moderately populated area, the lake was also exploited as domestic and other solid waste had found their way to the water body.

E.F.I with support from the Chengalpattu District Collector and the Rotary Club of Madras East took on the task of restoring and reviving the lake back to its former glory. Check out these photos that explain the restoration process so far!

We thank the local residents and volunteers for strengthening our efforts to protect the lake. Stay tuned for more updates!

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