The Forgotten Neighbourhood Pond by Chennai’s Coast – Pothi Kulam

Injambakkam located on the coast of Chennai is well-known for its beaches, and local amenities such as theatres, amusement parks, food courts, cafes and more. Being situated towards the edge of the city limits, the region offers people the perfect getaway to rejoice themselves and take a break from the city life.

Amidst all the tourist attractions, there are several water bodies in the area that attract the natural world. Migratory birds, amphibians and reptiles can be spotted thriving at these water bodies. Pothi Kulam, located in Shalimar Garden Colony in Injambakkam is one such water body. The pond is surrounded by residential complexes and was left to deteriorate as no proper maintenance was carried out to sustain it. As a result, invasive weeds began to thrive at the pond, and bunds of the pond were found to be damaged and even non-existent at several parts.

In an effort to revive this forgotten water body, E.F.I along with the Government of Tamil Nadu and IndusInd Bank had restored the Pothi Kulam! Check out all that had happened during this restoration!

We thank our volunteers and local residents who joined us in reviving this pond!

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I

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