Giving a New Lease of Life to the Dying Lake by the Forest – Polachery Lake

Countless water bodies are located in South Chennai, making it an important zone for water bodies to thrive. These water bodies are interconnected, forming a sophisticated water system that tends to the local ecology. Over the years, the region that has shown great prospect with regards to its natural environment had paved way for industrialization to take over. Several IT complexes found their way right into these natural habitats, thereby destroying the local ecosytem.

The Polachery Lake, located South of the Gandhi Road Pond in Thazhambur, is situated adjacent to a reserve forest. The lake had been left to deteriorate as no proper management was kept in place to keep the lake in check. This had led to excess silt deposition, uneven contour, broken bunds and rampant growth of invasive weeds.

In an effort to revive the water body, E.F.I with administrative support from the Chengalpattu District Collectorate and funding support from Hexaware Technologies had taken on the task of ecologically restoring the lake back to its natural state. Take a look at all that had happened during its restoration.

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We thank the local residents and volunteers who strengthened our efforts.

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