E.F.I’s Eco-Restoration of the Alasanatham Lake, Hosur

Hosur formally know as Murasanadu in the Sangam age was ruled by several revered kings. This hill town on the banks of the Thenpennaiyar river is today bustling with industrial activity.

The Alasantham Lake on the eastern boundaries of the city welcomes us in to Hosur. Alasanatham is more of a roundabout lake as she receives and shares water in every direction. Over the years the lake was slowly being transformed into a dump-yard. When we first visited the lake, it was completely covered with water hyacinth and solid waste.

In early 2019, E.F.I in association with the Krishnagiri District administration & Ashok Leyland took on the restoration of the Alasanatham Lake.

Over 10 Months the lake was ecologically restored and was transformed into a suitable habitat for several life forms.

The restoration represented in pictures below:

We thank the Krishnagiri District administration for all their administrative support & Ashok Leyland for their funding support in this restoration effort.

Volunteer for India & Her environment with E.F.I!

-Jai Hind-

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