The Alli Kulam on ECR, Chennai

The Alli Kulam also know as the Uthu Kulam is located on a street that runs off the East Coast Road (ECR) in Chennai. Over the years, the pond was used as a dumping ground for solid and liquid waste, turning the water inhabitable for any life-form. Continues inlet of untreated and contaminated water had led to massive Algal bloom and over time the pond was overgrown with invasive weeds.

E.F.I in association with the Greater Chennai Corporation (G.C.C) and HCL Foundation took on the restoration of the Alli Kulam.

All the invasive weeds around the water body were cleared through mechanized efforts. Due to the ponds’s proximity to the coast, the restoration also included a calculated deepening and desitling.

With the excavated silt, new earthen bunds were constructed and strengthened. All the incoming sewage lines were plugged and to prevent future dumping of trash, the pond ‘s road facing side was fenced.

Native trees such as Neem, Palm and Pungai are to be planted along the newly constructed bunds prior to the 2020 North East Monsoons to prevent soil erosion and increase green cover in the pond’s neighborhood.

We thank (G.C.C) for their administrative support and the HCL Foundation for their funding support in this restoration effort!

Volunteer for India and her environment with E.F.I!

-Jai Hind-

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