Efforts to Inspire Environmental Awareness among the Youth- “E.F.I’s India Environment Masterclass”

The Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) organized an exclusive training camp “India Environment Master Class” for the youth in Mumbai, the economic capital of India, on 17th November. The first part of this masterclass to be held in various cities was attended by the Governor of Telangana and Deputy Governor of Puducherry, Hon’ble Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan, who participated as the chief guest in this program amidst her busy schedule.

Students from various schools and colleges from Mumbai participated in this Master Class of E.F.I. Speaking on the occasion, Her Excellency the Governor gave an explanation about the water management that the people of Tamil Nadu use, the different terminologies used, and the importance of the student’s role in protecting the environment. She also praised the fieldwork of the Environmentalist Foundation of India.

In this Master Class, various games were conducted to make students think about water bodies around us through snakes, birds, frogs, forests, trees, and other life forms. Also, environmental awareness, leadership qualities, decision-making skills, fieldwork, etc. were taught to the students in an understandable way with examples.

Following this, the expansion of volunteering events that E.F.I is conducting at Prabhadevi, Aska Beach in Mumbai, and Mula Mutha River in Pune were also discussed. The students enthusiastically participated in the event and expressed their willingness to help in fieldwork with E.F.I.

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