Restoring the Lake by the Backwaters in Chennai – Kolapancheri Lake

Padur, located in the Southern region of Chennai, is situated in close proximity to the Old Mahabalipuram Road and the East Coast Road. The region is well known among the locals and travelers as several come to visit the Muttukaadu Boathouse, a local attraction. The backwaters in the region form an estuary, as the water flows into the Bay of Bengal.

The Kolapancheri Lake is a freshwater lake nestled between the two arterial roads and situated behind the backwaters. The lake is known to attract several birds in it as they nest and forage with all that the lake has to offer. Over the years, the lake was used by the local residents for domestic purposes, as they washed their clothes in the water and even dumped their garbage into it. This had caused a tip in the balance of the lake, making it contaminated and unfit to host natural life in it.

Invasive weeds such as Prosopis juliflora, and thorny shrubs, excess silt deposits were found across the lake, affecting the lake’s storage capacity. In an effort to revive and restore the lake, E.F.I with admin support from the Government of Tamil Nadu and funding support from UST had taken on the project to protect the lake. Take a look at all that happened during the restoration.

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