Kolapanchery lake and it’s Stellar Diver!

Nestled near the Muttukadu backwaters, the Kolapanchery Lake (Arachi Lake) is located in the South East axis of Chennai city. If one were to visit the lake, they would constantly hear few chirps and then a big splash! Something hit the water, didn’t it? Was is it a stone? Was it a twig? Ah yes, there comes the stellar diver of the Kolapanchery Lake with its hunt!

Pied Kingfishers are native to India and are a resident bird. Their typical behavior is to hover over water bodies and wait for their snack. Once they fix their target, they suddenly drop like a fighter jet and capture its prey! Take a look at these snaps to see them in action!

The Kolapanchery lake was taken up for a restoration with administrative support from the Chengalpattu District Administration and funding support from UST Global! Watch the video below to know more about the restoration!

We thank all the local residents and volunteers who strengthened us in this restoration effort!

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind

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