Reviving a lake in the Industrial Town in North Chennai – Thamarai Kulam

The Ennore region in Chennai located in the Kosasthalaiyar basin area houses several water bodies very close to each other that play a vital role as primary sources of water for the region. Located by the coast, the area soon began to grow as an industrial hub as numerous factories and ports were established here. This urbanization had caused the downfall of several water bodies as they shrunk in size and were later polluted by domestic waste and untreated sewage being let into them.

The Thamarai Kulam was one among them. Improper maintenance of the lake gave way for invasive weeds such prosopis juilfora, and water hyacinth to thrive. Heavy dumping of solid waste along its bunds and the inlet of untreated sewage had heavily contaminated the water body, making it unfit for local aquatic fauna to even survive.

With administrative support from the Government of Tamil Nadu, E.F.I had approached the Gulf Oil India Pvt Ltd, part of the Hinduja Foundation under the Jal Jeevan, to seek support to restore this suburban water body.

The Thamarai Kulam today is contaminant-free as its inlets were regulated, and new constructed bunds that help in storage of water. The passer-by will now notice migratory birds foraging and nesting along the bunds of the lake, with native tree and flowering species growing by the boundaries of the lake.

We thank the local residents and volunteers who supported us in restoring the Thamarai Kulam.

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