The Joy of Birding After 6 Months!

Past months have been difficult for all of us due to COVID-19’s second wave. We at E.F.I had to stop all our volunteering activities. But now after nearly 6 months we had resumed our activities with the Birding Weekend Event. One might ask, why be joyous? We are elated because the birding happened at the Sathangadu Lake!

This once polluted lake is now thriving with birds and other organisms. The lake now hosts various birds’ nests and is also a hunting ground for Wetland birds.

List of Birds spotted:

  1. Common Myna
  2. Common House Crow
  3. Common Kingfisher
  4. Little Egret
  5. Little Cormorant
  6. Painted Stork
  7. Green Bee-Eater
  8. Purple Swamphen
  9. Grebe
  10. Black Drongo
  11. Plain Prinia
  12. Pond Heron
  13. Black Crowned Night Heron
  14. Purple Heron
  15. Spot Billed Pelican
  16. Indian Pied Myna
  17. Rose Ringed Parakeet

Below are some birds spotted :

We thank all the volunteers who joined us for the Weekend Birding at the Sathangadu Lake!

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind

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