The Five Wonders on Chennai’s Outer Ring Road

The Chennai Outer Ring Road, a major and quintessential transport corridor plays an important role in connecting the outskirt region with the city. This 62 km long road along its path passes through several regions that are well known for their water identities; Puzhal, Cholavaram, Chembarambakkam, Palavedu and more.

Apart from these major water zones, there are countless water bodies ranging from small ponds, to large lakes, and sophisticated canal systems connecting each of them. Once a water-rich zone, the water bodies along this road have today been taken over by invasive weeds, overgrown shrubs, solid waste and construction debris. Sheer negligence and improper maintenance had led to the downfall of the water bodies in the region.

Five such water bodies are the Kolappancheri Lake, Banaveeduthottam Lake, Vellacheri Lake, Panayanthangal Lake, and the Konimedu Lake. E.F.I along with the Tiruvallur District Collector has taken on the ambitious task of restoring these 5 water bodies along the Chennai Outer Ring Road!

கோலப்பன்சேரி ஏரி – Kolappancheri Lake

Located adjacent to the Kolappancheri Toll Plaza, the Kolappancheri Lake is a large lake that is today covered with invasive weeds and overgrown shrubs along its boundary. The lake is now being used for domestic purposes as several local residents can be spotted washing their clothes and themselves in the lake.

Deweeding and bund formation is now underway at this lake.

பாணவேடுதோட்டம் ஏரி – Banaveeduthottam Lake

The Banaveeduthottam Lake located in the region of Banaveeduthottam is a large lake that is unfortunately taken over by thorny shrubs and invasive weeds on all its sides. These mismanaged weeds have grown to become so thick that they today completely block the view of the lake for the passer-by.

Deweeding work is now underway at the Banaveeduthottam Lake.

வெள்ளாச்சேரி ஏரி – Vellacheri Lake

Fed by the Palavedu Lake, the Vellacheri Lake is located adjacent to the Krishna Canal. With its inlets and outlets now damaged, the lake is completed covered by invasive weeds and thorny shrubs.

Deweeding is now underway at the Vellacheri Lake

பனயன் தாங்கல் ஏரி – Panayanthangal-Morai Lake

Located in Morai, the Panayanthangal Lake was covered with invasive weeds and solid waste that has been dumped over the years from the neighboring areas.

கோணிமேடு ஏரி – Konimedu Lake

Located in Puzhal, the Konimedu Lake is a feeder to the Puzhal Lake. The lake today has construction debris, solid waste and invasive weeds along its bunds.

Brisk work now underway to clear the invasive weeds and the solid waste from the lake.

We thank the Collector Thiru. Dr. Alby John V. avl. for supporting and strengthening this effort. Stay tuned for more updates.

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