Walls of Chennai Come to Life!

For years, public walls were the blank canvas that were used to bring out messages and information to the people. Being situated on the road sides, they are silently observed by the pedestrians, and the people driving by who are there to know the story that these walls tell them.

In an effort to spread awareness about India’s ecology, E.F.I launched “Wall-E”, an awareness wall painting initiative. Through this initiative, E.F.I along with the support from the Greater Chennai Corporation have been able to beautify Chennai’s wall over the past 3 years! Check out our latest wall painting efforts in the Adyar Bridge walls!


Work in Progress


The Adyar Bridge on the Durgabai Deshmukh is today decorated with beautiful paintings of India’s wildlife! We thank the GCC for their support! Next phase of Wall-E shall take place on walls along the ECR, OMR, LB Road, Besant Avenue and Anna Salai! So do stay tuned!

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind!

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  1. This is A great initiative both in awarness creation and cleaning process.iam interested in participating in future goals.

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