Suburban Ponds of Nedunkundram Breathe Back to Life

These suburban waterbodies are located in Nedunkundram Village, Chengalpattu district which is also in close proximity to the Perungalathur town.

The Gandhi Road pond had been extensively impacted due to enormous growth of invasive weeds which decreases the storage capacity of the region. While the Samiyar pond, in a tiny hamlet has been a source to many forms of life is now deteriorated due to human negligence. During monsoons, the surplus from the Hassan lake would be diverted to this pond.

E.F.I with support from Chengalpattu District Administration & Hexaware had taken on the ambitious task of reviving these ponds in #Nedunkundram in Perungalathur.

Samiyar Pond Restoration

Gandhi Road Pond Restoration

Take a look at all that went into restoring these water bodies!

We thank all those who supported us in restoring these water bodies!

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind

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