Vandalur Lake: The Doorway to Heaven

The last time I visited the Vandalur lake was in November 2020. The Vandalur lake was being restored by E.F.I. The lake had an eerie resemblance to that of a desert. The sun was scorching and the lake was dry. I saw illusionary mirages instead of water. The heat emanating from the lake’s bed {due to the hot sun} was evidently increasing my discomfort and tiredness. Machines were working around the lake. Deepening and constructing C-cusp islands on one side… Collecting and isolating the solid waste at another end of the lake. When I left the lake the only image of the lake in my head was its dryness and the waste dumped in it.

Fast-forwarding to the year 2021, I visited the lake for a voluntary activity the previous Saturday. The second I took a look at the lake I was surprised. The lake was full. It was teeming with white and black flocks here and there. My eyes were greeted with egrets, pelicans coots, and many other birds. My mind was baffled and in awe. The lake which was dry and littered was now full of life. I recollected that in one region the excavators made neem pocket islands. Those islands now hosted babblers, drongos, and myna. The sheer diversity of life-like birds, dragonflies, and fishes made my heart warm.

I pondered how remarkable the change has been. The Restoration had changed the lake’s image upside down in my mind. Vandalur lake now is a doorway to heaven.

Blog by K Sri Sivaram

We thank all who supported us in restoring and protecting the Vandalur Lake!

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind

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  1. Fortunate enough to cross vandalur lake every day since my home 🏠 is near by. What a wonderful look in the early morning look with Lilly flowers blooming. Thanks EFI.

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