Avadi’s Majestic Waters. The Mittanamalli Lake.

Located in Avadi, the Mittanamalli Lake is a massive lake that serves as a pristine ecosystem for the nearby area. A lake that was used for swimming, recreation and agriculture purposes, had been covered with invasive weeds and shrunk due to urbanization over the years.

With administrative support from the Tiruvallur District Collectorate, Tmt. Mageswari Ravikumar IAS (former collector), this project was taken under the Mummari Project and funding support from the Clubs of Inner Wheel District 323, E.F.I had taken on the restoration of the Mittanamalli Lake.

Take a look at what all had happened during its restoration!

Check out the salient features of this eco-restoration!

Take a look at what the local residents had to say about this restoration!

Inauguration of the #MittanamalliLake

Native tree saplings were planted along the bunds of the lake to increase its green cover!

We thank all the volunteers and local residents who supported us in restoring this water body!

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