The Revival story of two lakes in Vijayawada

The fresh-water bodies like lakes and ponds are much ignored, misused or are at times, the victim of modern-day human negligence. The Konai Cheruvu and Oora Cheruvu in the Krishna district of Vijayawada, were once a pristine beauty and a source of water to the neighborhood. The fresh water bodies were extensively impacted due to the dumping of solid waste, growth of invasive weeds which decreases the storage capacity of the region and deposition of silt.

A collaborative effort between HCLF has facilitated E.F.I in the rejuvenation of two renounced water bodies to bounce back with its at most resources.
The restoration efforts are underway to positively influence the water quality and preserve the biodiversity and habitat of the area. The methods implemented in the process of reviving the water bodies emphasizes on fundamental aspects of sustainable practices.

Konai Cheruvu

Oora Cheruvu

The major impacts in the water holding structures are due to rapid urbanization and anthropogenic stress. Availability of fresh water in the vicinity revitalizes the local atmospheric conditions and substantiates the technological development with ecological approach.

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind

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