E.F.I’s Eco-Restoration in Vijayawada- The Pedda Cheruvu

The city on the banks of river Krishna, the Prakasam Barrage and the Undavalli Caves are some of the first few things that we associate with Vijayawada. However, like other cities in the country, Vijayawada is also home to multiple lakes and ponds which are spread across the city.

Kanuru, a neighbourhood in the southeastern part of the city is where the Pedda Cheruvu, which translates to the large lake is located.

At first sight, nothing would seem to be wrong with this lake however, upon a closer look we’d discover what you’d expect to see in an urban water body. Not birds, not reptiles, mounts of soil wastes & construction debris along the periphery of the waterbody.

Over time these urban waste has slowly made its way into the water body and has contaminated the water.

This water body needed a complete makeover and offered a great potential for a first of its kind eco-restoration. E.F.I in association with the Krishna district administration and IndusInd bank have stared working on reviving the Pedda Cheruvu.

This large lake will be restored in the following months which will ensure the waters brought by the 2020 monsoons will be optimally stored and will also ensure proper recharge of groundwater.

The lakes peripheral earthen bunds are being constructed and strengthened, soon the water body will be deepened and will further be fenced to prevent future dumping of trash.

More details and updates from the restoration to follow. Stay tuned!

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I!

-Jai Hind-

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