The Pidari Ponniyamman Koil Pond in Ambattur, Chennai

Ambattur an industrial hub is home to several large lakes & small ponds that are spread across the neighborhood. Urban expansion has left many of these water bodies completely neglected. The Pidari Ponniyamman Koil pond was one such a neglected water body.

This pond, over the years was slowing turning into a dumping site and if not intervened would have been built upon.

In the August of 2019 E.F.I in association with the Greater Chennai Corporation (G.C.C) and the Rotary club of Meraki took on the restoration of this waterbody.

The restoration included:

  1. Removal of solid wastes and invasive weeds
  2. Desilting and Deepening
  3. Construction and strengthening Earthen Step Bunds
  4. Creation of ground water recharging structure (CCRP)
  5. Protective Fencing
  6. Native Plantation

One of the unique feature of the restoration is the creation of the Center Circular Recharge Pit or CCRP. The purpose of the CCRP is to facilitate surface water to seep unground and recharge the aquifers.

This scientific restoration took us nearly two months to complete and was perfectly timed for the North-East monsoons of 2019.

We thank G.C.C for their administrative support and the Rotary Club of Meraki for their funding support in this restoration effort!

Watch the pond’s transformation here:

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-Jai Hind-

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  1. Unbelievable Awesome You people are a big asset to the country Salute you and your team Hope the public and the authorities maintain the lake Once again Namaskar

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