E.F.I Eco Restoration in Kinathukadavu,Coimbatore

Kinathukadavu is a humble town in the suburbs of Coimbatore. The name of the town translates to ‘ Pass of the Well’ (Kinathu- Well , Kadavu- Pass). As the name suggests, the town is home to multiple Lakes and ponds that are inter-connected creating an intrinsic water management network.

In 2019, E.F.I in association with Coimbatore District Administration & IndusInd Bank took on the restoration of 2 water bodies in the Kindthukadavu block, the Mettuvavi Oorani and the Sengkuttai in Mettuvavi and Kattampatti villages respectively. This region in the suburbs of Coimbatore was selected to ensure the restored water body will serve both as a source for irrigation as well as ground water recharge. Rainfall activity in this area had reduced drastically over the years, a proper scientific restoration was executed to ensure optimum storage and recharge of water.

The Restoration Included the following:

  • Removal of solid waste and and invasive weeds
  • Desilting and deepening of the water holding area
  • Construction & strengthening of earthen bunds
  • Creation of ground water recharging structures and trenches
  • Inlet & Outlet regulation
  • Native sapling plantations
  • Protective fencing to prevent future dumping of trash and encroachments

The revival story of the ponds in pictures below:

The Mettuvavi Oorani


E.F.I will continue to work on both theses ponds to ensure the planted sapling are well maintained.

We thank the Coimbatore district administration for their administrative support and the IndusInd bank for their funding support in this restoration effort!

Watch what the locals had to say about the restoration effort:

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-Jai Hind-

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