The Nattar Street Pond in Velachery, Chennai

The Nattar street pond is just another urban freshwater body in a prime urban locality in South Chennai, Velachery.

Since it’s an urban freshwater body, every problem associated with an urban water body exists in this too. Similar to our other restorations, the plastic waste, construction debris and all other solid waste along with invasive weeds were removed in the initial phase of the restoration. But what is unique to this pond compared to several others that E.F.I has restored is the fact that this pond has a two-way inlet & outlet balancing point.

This pond is also close to a large lake (The Velachery Lake) and restoring this pond was important to ensure calamities such as flooding and drought do not impact the lake neighbourhoods, that’s exactly why the Nattar Street pond is not just another water body. A supporting pond system close to a supporting lake system.

This pond has seen vibrant participation from the local community in reviving this water body. From mid-August to October, continuous efforts have been put in to ensure that this water body is revived to its original glory.

E.F.I thanks the Greater Chennai Corporation (G.C.C) for their administrative support, AstraZeneca for their funding support in restoration and every single volunteer who strengthened our efforts on field.

Watch the restoration story here:

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-Jai Hind-

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