Water From Scarce to Scary

India is a country rain fed, completely dependent on its 4 month Monsoons to survive the rest of the months. A phenomenon like nowhere else When different parts of the country gets washed with rain at different times. The journey in tracking India’s monsoon begins with the Southwest Monsoon and ends with the Northeast cyclones.Troughs, cyclones Which feed the rivers cut across the country feeding lakes, ponds and finally the oceans might.

Depending ON THESE rivers and lakes for survival are 1.3 billion people. However, with Increasing greed for land and sand mining many of India’s rivers and lakes exist only on maps today. Nature takes years to alter topography, However, corrupt practices with heavy machinery changes the course of the river in no time. The long term impact of the same is still not understood by the common man who is voiceless and helpless.

There is a war being fueled by water between states in the country, there will be a day When the War bursts across borders between nations. The attitude of always expecting water from else where is worrying Given the repute if we conserved and protected our own water reserves then there will bo no need to seek alms else where.In the name of industrialization huge water bodies are being let to dry up and then converted into economic zones. What is not being understood is That We depend on nature for every single aspect of our living, Unless one cares for nature one can not continue to reap benefits from her. Industries today use more water Compared to farmers who were dependent ounces ON THESE water bodies. Industries and their “experts” fail to understand this and are under the illusion That money is the answer to every problem. By going deeper we are depleting existing water resources Which is going to leave us Dry and Thirsty Poorer than we are today. It is time we focussed on inclusive and sustainable development. Still I is not a magic pot to keep giving us as we greedily scrape, Also a few can not control and decide what the entire human race Should follow. Water as a resource is for all life forms to share, Just Because We Can walk straight and talk loud it gives us no authority to control all of nature’s resources.

We are just not educated to Learn to Earn, hope to wider audience Understands this and Ensures sustainable living, harmonious coexistence with all life forms.

2 thoughts on “Water From Scarce to Scary

  1. உங்களது உன்னத வேலைப்பாட்டை எண்ணி பெருமை பேசுகிறேன்..என்னையும் இந்த தூய்மை இயக்கத்தில் இணைத்து கொள்ள விரும்புகன்றேன்


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