Kilkattalai Needs You

Let Chennai be known for its lakes. 

Why Not???

A city which has one of the largest Marshland fed by nearly 30 lakes, 2 rivers that almost run parallel to one another and many more inspirational natural wonders within its boundary, Chennai as a city should definitely be proud about its natural history and stand up to protect the same.

Environmentalist Foundation of India has taken on several lakes to be cleaned and restored. One of the most important lakes is the Kilkattalai Lake. Facing threats from all boundaries readily being encroached by religious to political outfits the lake and its biodiversity are inching towards complete destruction. An estimated 20 tonnes of garbage needs to be removed from the lake and moreover 1000m of protective fencing, followed by India’s largest herbal garden on the bunds of this lake, Kilkattalai is set for a makeover. 

The makeover is to be given by US… YOU AND ME. Let us help everybody in the government act, let us inspire our political leadership to help us back, let us inspire our fellow citizens in taking pride about our lakes and protecting them. Let’s do this for our birds, reptiles, amphibians and all of us. 

Let’s be the architects of a revolution, a struggle to restore our lakes for all life forms to live in harmony.

From the 9th of March, 2013 to the 20th of April, 2013 – I Phase of Kilkattalai Lake Restoration Work. We do not want your money, we want a more expensive resource, “Your Man/Woman/Child Power”

write to to volunteer in helping revive and restore Kilkattalai Lake.

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  1. Can we something on the lakes on the streach of pallavaram thoraipakkam road .. bcz the lakes are nearing its extiction..due to garbage and construction and road expansion … i pains to see birds in sewage water ..after a year ..they will hav no place in these lakes ….

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