Ambasamudram’s Mulachi Kulam Story

The Mulachi Kulam Lake is a rural water body amidst agricultural land and residential setup on its northern boundaries in Kallidaikurichi town of Ambasamudram Taluk of Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. The town is situated on the right/southern bank of Thamiraparani River with an average elevation of 75 meters from the mean sea level.

January 2022 (Latest Satellite Image)

The satellite images below show the changes in land use around the lake and condition of lake in terms of dry, filled, eutrophication and algal bloom etc.

July 2007
September 2013
April 2010
March 2018

EFI has successfully begun the restoration process for this lake on July 8th 2022. The lake currently has excessive growth of invasive weeds, high silt deposition, garbage litering, and encroachment threats. The invasive species present in this area (Prosopis juliflora, Nanjil, Calotropis gigantea) are being removed, along with all the non-biodegradeable waste. The damaged and weakened bunds will be repaired and strengthened to ensure that the lake has a proper water holding structure. Protective fencing was installed surrounding the stretch in an effort to prevent encroachment and garbage dumps.

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