The Story Behind the “Pillayai Pottu Palapazham Edutha Odai”

The Folklore

ஒரு தாய் தன் குழந்தையோடு ஓர் ஓடை ஓரமாக சென்றப்பொது ஓடையில் பலாப்பழம் மிதந்ததை கண்டு. குழந்தையைக் கரையில் தாய் விட்டு. பலாப்பழத்தை எடுக்க ஓடையில் இறங்கினாள். பலாப்பழத்தை எடுத்து. கரையேறியப்பின். குழந்தையைக் தன் காணவில்லை என்று தாய் தவித்தாள். குழந்தை தவழ்ந்து சென்று ஓடையோடு உள்ளே விழுந்துவிட்டது. ஆதலால் இந்த ஓடைக்கு இவ்வாறு ஓர் பெயர் சூடினர்.

A mother went with her child by the side of a stream and saw a jackfruit floating in the stream. The mother left the child on the shore. She went down to the stream to pick the jackfruit. After getting back to the shore, the mother was distressed that her child was missing. The child had crawled and had fallen into the stream. Hence this stream was named so.

The Water Body

The Palapazha Odai is an urban drain canal amidst agricultural land and residential setup in Kallidaikurichi town of Palayamkottai Taluk in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. The town is situated on the southern bank of Thamirabarani River. Palapazha Odai is a stretch of an agricultural canal, split from the Palayam canal. It runs for a

4.5 kilometer stretch, of which only 2 kilometers are visible. Over the years, the canal has turned into a garbage dump ridden with invasive species, and has partially been taken over by agricultural encroachments


EFI has successfully completed Phase 1 of the project, restoring about 300 meters across the canal. The canal was overtaken by invasive weeds, such as Prosopis juliflora, which were removed from the area and cleared. The entire stretch was filled with non-biodegradeable waste. All this waste was cleared and removed from the canal. The bunds that were damaged and weakened were repaired and strengthened to ensure that the lake has a proper water holding structure. The canal is under constant threat of being encroached or treated as a dumpyard. Protective fencing was installed surrounding the stretch in an effort to prevent such factors.

The area has been cleared, de-weeded,embankments have been strengthened and water flow region regulated. This restoration will make way for Tirunelveli’s first Eco-Trail.


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