Sathangadu Lake, A Bird Paradise amidst Industries

Located within the industrial pockets of Manali, Chennai, the Sathangadu Lake is a diamond in the rough. A large lake that is surrounded by industries, was soon found to be deteriorating as overgrown shrubs and inflow of sewage had started to take over the lake.

This lake plays a key role in our ecosystem as it hosts several endemic as well as migratory birds in it. These birds can be spotted all across the lake as they nest and forage along its bunds.

A collaborative conservation effort between the Government of Tamil Nadu, Gulf Oil India, part of the Hinduja Foundation under the Jal Jeevan program and E.F.I took on this restoration. Check out all that’s happening at this lake!

The lake has now been deweeded, desilted, with its sewage inflow now regulated by constructing a sedimentary pit.

Apart from this, 5 islands have been roosted in the lake to improve its biodiversity, and over 245 native species have been planted across the lake so far.

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