Restoring water bodies of Kinathukadavu Block

The Kinathukadavu Block located in Coimbatore is a small town whose name literally translates to “Pass of the Well”. This humble little town is home to several pockets of water bodies in them that are well connected with each other, forming a unique water system.

Two such water bodies from this water system are the Mettuvavi Oorani in Mettuvavi and the Senguttai Pond in Kattampatti village. In 2019, with administrative support from the Coimbatore District Administration and funding support from IndusInd Ban, part of the Hinduja Foundation under the Jal Jeevan initiative, E.F.I took on the restoration of these water bodies! Both these water bodies are important source of water for the Kinathukadavu region and showed a lot of scope for restoration!

Take a look at all that happened during the restoration!

Mettuvavi Oorani

The Oorani Kulam is a major aquifer recharge pond located roughly in the center of Mettuvavi village, in the Kinathukadavu block, Coimbatore.

Due to poor maintenance and sheer negligence, this suburban pond, once a water-filled resource was perishing into an abandoned barren land. Overgrown shrubs and solid waste had in turn drastically decreased its water holding capacity.

The Mettuvavi Oorani, a pond that was abandoned and neglected, today has been rejuvenated to its natural state.

With its newly constructed bunds and protective fencing, this pond is now all set to store more water in it and serve as a source of water for the neighboring regions.

Senguttai Pond

Located east of the Kattampatti village, the Senguttai Pond is a natural spring-based recharge pond. Surrounded by windmills and agricultural land, this pond plays a major role in recharging the groundwater table for the neighboring area.

Over the years, the pond was soon to be forgotten by the people leading to overgrowth of invasive weeds and accumulation of excess silt.

With all its new features, the Senguttai Pond is now ready to provide a life for all the lifeforms that depend on it.

The pond today is well protected and has increased water holding capacity with its newly installed recharge pits.

We thank the local residents and volunteers who supported us in restoring these water bodies! Read part one here.

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