The Lake that filled up for the first time after 17 long years!

நாகச்சேரி குளம் சிதம்பரத்தில் அமைந்துள்ளது. இந்த நகரத்தின் வடக்கே வெள்ளாறு நதியும், தெற்கே கொள்ளிடமும் அமைந்திருக்கிறது. இந்நகரம், அதை சுற்றியுள்ள பல்வேறு நீர்நிலைகளில் இருந்து தண்ணீரை பெருகிறது.

Nagachery Kulam is located in Chidambaram town. The town sits in the middle of the course of the Vellar river in the north and Kollidam river in the south. The town draws water from various waterbodies in and around it.

Nagachery Kulam is one of the water body which supports the town and its neighbourhood. Prior to restoration, the lake was polluted, deposited with silt, covered with weeds, left unregulated and neglected.

We thank the Chidambaram Sub Col. Thiru L. Madhu Balan IAS for the administrative support and IndusInd Bank part of the Hinduja Foundation for funding this restoration.

We thank the local residents and volunteers who strengthened our efforts in restoring this lake!

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind

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