E.F.I’s Wall-E Awareness Wall Paintings in Tamil Nadu

India is blessed with rich ecology and biodiversity. Raging from Cold Desert to Coral Reeves we have got them all!

In this fast phased world, we have started to forget the ecological paradise that our country is and the diverse flora and fauna that makes us the true definition of a bio-diversified nation.

We at E.F.I have taken on the mission to celebrate our country’s environment and at the same time spread awareness on the flora and fauna that makes us one of a kind!

Through an initiative called Wall-E; An awareness wall painting drive to popularize India’s wildlife and natural habitats, E.F.I has been taking up public and private walls across the country to celebrate the nation’s true identity!

2020 started off with multiple Wall-E Awareness Wall Paintings across the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Public walls in Chennai, Chidambaram and Madurai were painted with birds and animals that are found in the local natural habitats were painted on public walls to sensitize the local residents.

Wall-E in Chennai @ M.E.P.Z. walls opposite the Alleri Tank*

The Alleri tank was restored by E.F.I in 2019*

Wall-E @ Chidambaram Bus Stand Walls

Wall-E @ Madurai Corporation office walls

E.F.I also organizes regular voluntary wall painting drives inviting volunteers to paint public and private walls with water conservation and environment awareness messaging.

Awareness is the first step in conservation, through this effort we aim to create mass awareness and educate the local residents on our city’s & country’s biodiversity.

Volunteer for India & her environment with E.F.I!

-Jai Hind-

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