The Sannan Kuttai at Sholinganallur

Locked between the East Coast Road (ECR) and Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), adjacent to the Buckingham Canal is the Sannan Kuttai.As it is surrounded by other water bodies on all its sides, this pond is a unique water body in our city.

Before E.F.I took up the restoration, the water was loaded with human waste from the neighborhood and furthermore had a lot of plastic waste floating in it.

Through our dedicated effort, which extended over three and a half months, plastic waste and construction debris were removed. Loose soil which was holding the bunds was further strengthened and was also given a lining of jute, which ensures that erosion is controlled during monsoons.

To protect the water body from further mass dumping of trash, the road facing side of the pond was fenced. Plugging sewage lines, which are flowing into the pond, is still a challenge and is being working on.

The Sannan Kuttai was restored by E.F.I with administrative support from the Greater Chennai Corporation and funding support from AstraZeneca.

An active volunteer participation from the neighbourhood is ensuring that the Sannan Kuttai is protected for our future generations.

Watch Sanna Kuttai’s full transformation here:

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