How Hyderabad is killing its river and why it matters?

A river that has survived centuries could finally be laid to rest by our generation. What we as Hyderabad Citizens have collectively done to the Musi is deplorable.

The Musi is the end point for urban sewage, solid and liquid waste. She is a drain point for all of Hyderabad’s filth which is having a major negative impact on the city’s water. Temperature regulation, groundwater stabilization, waterborne diseases and natural calamities such as drought and floods are all now a reality, thanks to our collective effort in ruining the Musi.

Selection of images from the Musi

The Musi if cleaned and restored would serve the water starved Hyderabad in more ways than one. A city of educated, high-income generating modern citizens seems to be caring less for their future. Hyderabad and her citizens deserve better, a clean river would benefit this IT capital ecologically, economically and moreover ensure a safer-cleaner future. The possibility of the Musi being restored depends on the citizen’s and their action towards getting the government to focus on the scientific restoration of the Musi river.

                  Volunteer for Hyderabad and her environment with EFI!                        

Let us reclaim and restore our waterways.

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