Transformation of two ponds in 30 days, success story from Orathur.

Orathur is a suburban village south-west of Chennai. The 2015 floods ravaged the village and left several citizens stranded. The water bodies overflowed as they had not been maintained leading to a complete devastation. Loss of crops, property and lives marred the next few months. However, citizen efforts to bounce back and rebuild their future has given fresh hope. EFI volunteers with the local community in the neighborhood towards sustainable village redevelopment post the floods. Part of this rebuilding efforts include restoration and revival of freshwater bodies in the village. This includes lakes, ponds and rivulets in the vicinity. Two ponds in Orathur village have been restored in the last 3 months.

Restoration explained:

  1. Invasive weeds and trash removed from the water body
  2. Mechanized desilting and deepening of the water body
  3. New bunds laid in addition to strengthening the existing bunds
  4. Inlet and outlet channels regulated
  5. Native species plantation on the bunds to strengthen it
  6. Extended community awareness to sustain the effort.

Advantages of restoration:

  1. Increase ground water penetration
  2. Localized temperature regulation
  3. Minimize damages from calamities such as floods n drought
  4. Environment and economical impact by ensuring clean-freshwater
  5. Prevent health hazards from a polluted water body.

Restoration in Photos


EFI Thanks

  1. Administrative support: Kancheepuram District Collectorate, Padappai BDO.
  2. Machine, fuel, labor and logistical support: Murugappa Group
  3. Orathur village residents for the community engagement

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  1. Excellent work from EFI one more time . You are motivating lot of people and rising the awareness about environment

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