इंदौर के पर्यावरण स्वयंसेवकों का सम्मान

Indore is India’s cleanest city for a reason, her citizens. Indore is now aiming towards becoming India’s greenest and most blue. From volunteering at the Kanadia lake to the Tigaria Badshah lake, from strengthening efforts at E.F.I’s Ahilya Vans in Goel Nagar to Zone 7 or by participating in nature efforts at the Saraswati river front, we have been blessed to volunteer for Indore & her Environment with many nation builders of this great city. Hence, we decided to honor selfless nature warriors who are tirelessly toiling for Indore & her environment.

We created E.F.I’s #EnvINDOREment awards to honor nature volunteer of Indore, these green heroes were acknowledged through a ceremony where a fitting planet champion honored the other with an award.

  1. Dr Srushti Saraf Sisodiya
  2. Prof. Vidhi Paryani
  3. Mrs. Neelam sharma singh
  4. NSS Committee SOSS – Rekha Aacharya
  5. Mr. Jagpreet Singh Tuteja
  6. Mr. Pravendra Kulhara
  7. Ms Rupanshi Shrivastav
  8. Mr. Akhilesh Nema
  9. Mr. Vikash Chouhan
  10. Mr. Gireesh Virodhi
  11. Mr. Abhay Borashi

We, take immense pride in having honored these wonderful human beings. Diwali for us came early with this celebration. Volunteer for Indore & her Environment with E.F.I.

Happy Diwali, Jai Hind.

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