Reviving an Agrarian Pond in Kallidaikurichi

Located in Kallidaikurichi, the Pannaiyar Kulam is an agrarian pond that serves as a water source for farmlands in the region. The pond is part of a larger water system that is interconnected by channels, making the area a water-rich zone.

Over the years, owing to no proper maintenance, the pond soon fell prey to excess silt deposits and a rampant growth of invasive weeds that choked the water body’s life.

E.F.I in collaboration with the Tirunelveli District Administration and CreditAccess India Foundation took on the task of reviving the Pannaiyar Kulam back to its former glory!

Removal of Invasive Weeds

The Kulam was covered with weeds such as Prosopis julifora, and overgrown thorny shrubs. Using machinery, the invasive weeds were cleared from the water holding area and the bunds of the pond.

Desilting and Bund Strengthening

The excess silt deposits were excavated from the pond and were later used to strengthen bunds and create nesting islands. This also helps in increasing the storage capacity of the pond.

Nesting Island

A circular nesting island was created using the excess silt to provide a nesting site for the local fauna such as birds, reptiles and amphibians that reside in the region.

After Restoration

The pond with all its new features is now ready to store water effectively, and is now set to become a biodiversity hotspot in the region!

We thank our volunteers, well-wishers, and the local residents who supported us in this effort.

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