The Puthuthangal Lake Restoration Story

Located by the OMR, an arterial road in Chennai, the Puthuthangal Lake is a unique-shaped water body that plays an important role in the area. The lake serves as a flood plain in the region that is meant to hold excess water from other water bodies upstream to it. Over the years with no proper maintenance being executed, the lake was taken over by invasive weeds such as Prosopis juliflora and water hyacinth, which had completely covered the surface of the water. This had majorly impacted the lake’s quality of life.

In an effort to restore the lake, E.F.I has collaborated with the Greater Chennai Corporation and AstraZeneca and bring it back to its natural glory.

Removal of Invasive Weeds:

Weeds such as Prosopis juliflora and the thick sheet of water hyacinth were cleared from the lake through extensive field work carried out by the use of machinery.

Desilting and Bund Construction:

Excess silt deposits were excavated from the lake and was later used to construct and strengthen the bunds of the lake.

Current State of the Lake

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