The Lake in the Industrial Town of Ahmedabad – Bhadreti Lake: Part 2

Being a lake amidst a busy urban setup, the Bhadreti Lake faced years of abuse and exploitation. Situated in the industrial town of Sanand, the lake was subjected to incessant dumping of solid waste, and inflow of untreated sewage that had later paved the way for invasive weeds such as water hyacinth to thrive.

The bunds of the lake at several parts were damaged, and excess silt was found across the lake owing to no proper maintenance being carried out in the lake. The lake required a holistic approach to ensure its safety and well-being. In a collaborative effort between the Sanand Nagar Palika, HDFC Life, and E.F.I, the restoration of the Bhadreti Lake was taken up. Check out all that happened during this restoration!

We thank all our volunteers and local residents who helped strengthen our efforts!

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